Caroline Schaefer

Hi, I’m Caroline! The human behind Grub Freaks!


I grew up loving photography and loving food. I see food as a connection between new cultures, new people, and great memories.


I worked in the restaurant industry from the time I could get my first job to the time I could have my first beer. I have always found excitement in the busiest days, witnessing the hard work that resulted in smiling customers. 


However, throughout my experience, I have noticed two major things that often seems to be overlooked in the restaurant industry: quality, professional photos and an engaging social media presence.


I have combined my back-of-house restaurant experience, passion for photography, and marketing knowledge together to form, Grub Freaks. 


Are you a restaurant, brewery, coffee shop, bakery, or bar owner looking for great content to post on social media? Or maybe you are looking for someone to manage your social media pages so you can focus on your priorities. I can help, let's work together.

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